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Business Alliances Contribute to Productive and Fulfilled Elders,and Financially Viable Care Systems

Care Delivery Costs to Double  Conscious Health Network’s models for a new generation of healthcare services will drastically reduce expenditures while providing optimal care delivery. A specific area of concern, as addressed by the CCS division of CHN, is related to solving intransigent long-term services & supports (LTSS) issues plaguing a very siloed industry.

Bankrupt System  The current standalone system will not be able to effectively accommodate the expansion of long-term care / LTC, including Home and Community-based Services (HCBS), as the LTC population doubles over the next few years. Even now it is literally bankrupting many states (particularly through Medicaid & Medicare), as is the case in many economies abroad.

War of the Aging  There will soon be less – much less money for government paid long-term care – generational war looms say economists and LTSS realists. It will soon become everyone’s responsibility to do their part in ensuring that elders and other challenged populations are cared for and provided the opportunity to be (or at least feel) productive as well.

Treasured for Life  We can no longer afford to discard and dismiss those who may still contribute to society in so many ways, and who deserve much more than is now offered throughout the LTSS industry.

Key aspects of CHN models include:

  • Creating financially and environmentally sustainable healthcare systems
  • Addressing the three R’s of healthcare providers – “Revenue, Regulation, Reputation”
  • Developing symbiotic business, financial, civic, and intra-social relations
  • Providing overarching technology infrastructure to achieve key objectives
  • Optimizing operations management, communications, and administrative functions
  • Deploying CHN/CCS Management, Wellness and Lifestyle Software Systems
  • Establishing LTSS industry standards and visibility profiles via CHN/CCS Certifications (Bronze-Platinum)

CHN Magnet  CHN principals are confident that with our respected and high-profile partners, the Company can build something that will be of value to everyone. Conscious Health Network will serve as a hub – a magnet that will attract businesses and individuals alike.

Face of Compassion  CHN’s image will reflect its genuine purpose and must always be perceived as the face of loving compassion and regard – for all. Our trusted status will be important to our overall success. CHN's comprehensive systems are fully capable of meeting the demands, and necessities, of healthcare today and tomorrow. These flexible systems have been developed to adapt to any fiscal or environmental circumstances, and to exceed regulatory directives.

Imminent Financial Disruption?  The economic and political upheavals that continue to occur, and to escalate, throughout the world have factored significantly in the Company's strategic development. There are many respected economists who even warn of an imminent collapse of our current economic and trading systems, including a change in the world reserve currency. The potential for such an eventuality has been also taken into account in the design of CHN models.

Financial Sustainability  A key CHN strategy is to rally varied industry forces (e.g. Finance, Healthcare/LTSS, Technology), in addition to NGO, private and philanthropic entities to co-create, and help re-create LTC communities. These financially stressed communities are currently reliant primarily on government support, insurance, and the capacities of private payers.

Save the Day  Although the LTSS system is strained to the breaking point, CHN and its affiliate innovators and technicians are confident in their solutions to persistent problems, thus ensuring that service/care providers will become increasingly productive, sustainable – and profitable.

Boomer Wave   CHN holds that such commonality of understanding, purpose and execution will head off an impending disaster as “boomers” begin to retire in droves. The first wave of these elders is even now at the headwaters of floodgates that will soon overwhelm the prevailing arcane, corrupt, and inept systems that continue to hold sway – both here and abroad.

Codified and Equitable Systems  As stated, CHN/CCS programs and services will prove that not only can the quality-of-care delivery and life enrichment be greatly improved, but costs slashed as well. The CHN/CCS division anticipates a minimum 30% reduction in the cost of LTC in the U.S. over 2 years, given broad implementation of its facility-based and homecare models.

Landmark Time  CHN considers it essential that this 30% minimum savings projection be much higher, and that it be realized in as short a time frame as possible. As the forces of varied vested interests align, this may be achieved in landmark time.

Greatest Generation  Swift and dedicated action has certainly come to the rescue in numerous emergency situations throughout history, such as the upheavals and catastrophes experienced by the “Greatest Generation” who are now themselves (and increasingly, their children), in need of loving care, and deserving of deepest gratitude.

Rude Awakening  A recent example of this esprit de corps has been the pandemic crisis which, in fact, shone a spotlight on the horrific LTSS systems still in place in the U.S. In addition, this spotlight was also focused on the developing world’s health/eldercare infrastructures that are often rudimentary, and even virtually non-existent in many places.

Women’s Roles Transformed  Clearly, many countries yet remain dependent on familial responsibility for elder and challenged loved ones. Although this informal system is badly frayed and rapidly disintegrating, it may be extensively and affordably supported to bolster its future viability.

No Turning Back  Younger women around the world, either by choice or economic reality, are not expected to return en masse to their fulltime caring roles. Many continue to do both as best they can, often at great cost to their own wellbeing, that of their children, their significant others, and to those they care for, as well as their societies as a whole.

Intentional Communities  Surely broad proliferation of intentional communities can be of significant value in averting the impending fiscal ruin of individuals and societies, however this will likely be insufficient in light of economic indicators and the surge in the need for LTSS services that is already occurring. Even so, village-like residential settings, effectively implemented, can provide codified, yet highly adaptive, incentive-based / incentive-rich prototypes that will reduce LTSS costs substantially beyond this 30% projection.

Goals for Life  These Intentional Community models will ensure that everyone, regardless of age, station, or location, can have their needs met and be provided opportunities, and the means to achieve, their own personal goals – client, caregiver, and citizen alike.

Fellowship Community  Many challenged people can enjoy the incentives and supports necessary to remain productive in village communities, as personified by the residents of the Fellowship and Threefold Communities of Chestnut Ridge, NY. These exemplary and systematized fraternities have continued to grow and thrive since 1966. (Based on Rudolf Steiner's work and ethical/spiritual philosophy (Anthroposophy), as are the many Waldorf schools, biodynamic agriculture, and anthroposophical medicine.)

Resolute Resolution  That it is the responsibility of our civil societies to recognize and resolve the various issues that modern life highlights and/or creates is indisputable from any of the following perspectives, i.e., practical/fiscal, compassionate/egalitarian, patriotic/communal, ecological/ethical, spiritual/religious, and those related to just about any other ethical vantage one may hold.

"You just give what you have to give wherever you go, and you let God handle the rest." 
– Lindsay Wagner

Excerpt – CCS Village Model     – Cottage Industries / Outreach

“CCS intends to rollout its Community Outreach activities with various programs to be termed Neighborhood Outreach, Adopt-A-Neighbor, and CHN / CCS Conscious Communities. These initiatives will organize neighbors in any locale so that everyone benefits, i.e., individuals and families give what they have to give and get back what they need or desire. Modeled after traditional societies, CCS has designed its various outreach programs to work effectively in any setting. There are many ways in which these enterprises will be profitable and provide public relations opportunities for participants and affiliates.

From creating, developing and supporting cottage industries in any location to investing in the transformation of poor or marginalized communities, CCS will provide not only implementation expertise and codified templates for change, but will garner support from various sectors to achieve stability and environmental security for villages, towns and cities and their diverse residents.

The many financial and resource utilization benefits of tiered and client-customized productivity programs for elder and challenged individuals will be substantial. In addition, the enhanced quality of life for those who will enjoy renewed purpose and a restored sense of dignity and self-worth resulting from such programs will go far beyond any calculable metrics.

Conscious Care sees significant potential in the creation of magnet intergenerational community centers that feature kitchen facilities, workstations with computers, printers and Internet/telecommunications, entertainment areas with television, DVD and music equipment, and more. Such centers will help revitalize social and occupational life. Cooperative utilization of such hubs will prove valuable in the:

  • Launch and implementation of business projects and cottage industries
  • Education and training of children and adults
  • Proliferation of teen, senior citizen & intergenerational community centers

Such hubs will also provide day services locations for elders, children, and challenged individuals "and much more." – M. Eisele

Cottage Industries for Elders

“Aging in Place”, i.e., Universal Design

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