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Conscious Care Systems / CCS & Long-Term Care

"Persons Advanced in Age Should Surely Be Exalted in Status"

"The essence of Conscious Care Systems / CCS (a division of Conscious Health Network, LLC) is in its capacity to afford all individuals the opportunity for lives infused with a sense of meaning and purpose, regardless of mental or physical limitations.

We generally view our elders as expendable, burdensome and of little value. Persons advanced in age should surely be exalted in status – that this perception is the exception in our society is tragic and profligate not only for our elders but for we who do not recognize their worth and wisdom nor seek to benefit from their wealth of life experience. Our parents and grandparents deserve to be cherished, to be venerated, to be loved. They are surely our nation's greatest hidden treasure.

Not only must we create environments and programs that support enriched and productive lives, but we must help our elders and others to embrace their spiritual or contemplative natures and to be nurtured and comforted by this greater realization of self""

Excerpts – Conscious Care Systems: Long-term Care as it Must Be  – Marie Eisele

Engineering Eldercare  Conscious Care Systems / CCS is the division of CHN whose mission is to expedite reformation of the long-term services & supports (LTSS) system (both facility and community-based), and to help head off the impending fiscal disaster in healthcare, of which long-term care (LTC) services are a considerable part.

Visibly Superior  In an era of increasing competition and limited resources, showcasing visibly superior quality-of-life services becomes indispensable for sustained growth and recognition within the evolving fields of LTC delivery. Conscious Care Systems' broad range of offerings provides the kinds of tangible, transformative, and codified outcomes that are absolutely essential to healthcare delivery and LTSS, especially in this soon to be AI / IoT-dominated new world order.

Comprehensive & Holistic  CCS is designed to substantially reduce the expenses associated with LTSS while enriching the quality-of-life for every individual, including caregivers. CCS provides a comprehensive and holistic approach to care delivery and incorporates incentive-rich programs and services for local communities and municipalities.

Codified & Conservative  CCS has developed a fiscally conservative, easily replicable, and CMS* compliant system that will result in substantial savings to government and private payers, even in the short term, while assuring highest quality lifestyles and care delivery to LTC clients. Much of the CCS action plan is related to achieving an expeditious rollout of its core wellness, life enrichment, and management programs – resulting in certification.
*CMS / Centers for Medicare & Medicaid

Vanguard Prototype  CCS, founded by Marie Eisele1 is dedicated to providing comprehensive, cost saving programs and services designed to optimize:

  • Wellness and lifestyles for long-term care clients
  • Support and empowerment for caregivers
  • Sustainability and profitability for payors and providers
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CCS Dictates  include improved care delivery, new income streams and lower expenses, and the establishment of real culture change in LTC and retirement communities, as well as in the Home and Community-based Services (HCBS) sectors.

Care vs. Cost  Conscious Care Systems offers a broad range of programs, services, and protocols designed to enhance the Quality of Care and Quality of Life for all, while increasing revenues, and controlling and reducing costs at every stage.

Accountability Mandates  CCS has developed a certification system ("CCS-Certified") to serve as the premier accountability measure for highest practicable care and lifestyle for LTSS clients – and their caregivers. CCS expects its programs and services to be embraced by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) and will actively promote an endorsement /mandate from the agency.

CHN / CCS  has attracted and continues to build its team of multi-industry professionals, all of whom are committed to the mission of conscious care for all.CCS considers itself fortunate to be positioned to deliver new and better models for care of the most vulnerable among us, and together with many other innovators, to help stabilize and improve the healthcare system across the board.

Beyond Mandates  CCS goals include increased quality-of-life for clients, profitability for providers, and occupational fulfilment for caregivers whose annual CNA* turnover rates average 100+%. (These rates soared to 300% in some sectors during the pandemic according to the NY Times.)  Each turnover event is very expensive and accounts for much of the escalating labor costs in LTSS. * CNA / Certified Nursing Assistant

Federal Mandates  Commonsense-oriented, and affordable to all, the CCS system satisfies and surpasses state and federal directives for care delivery and life enrichment – creating substantial savings and returns for CMS and other payers in the process.

CCS Rollout  CCS intends to initiate its rollout at state and national conventions where the Company expects significant interest leading to high product demand. There are currently no other available systems that achieve true culture, and even paradigm change, which is at the core of CCS. CCS also ensures much lower price points than the market now offers, which includes broad implementation of leading-edge technology.

Care for Caregivers  CCS implementation models for long-term services and supports / LTSS also provide support, training, and upward mobility for direct service staff thus reducing turnover rates, increasing productivity, and ensuring the ongoing success of healthcare providers. Conscious Care Systems supports a holistic orientation to care delivery and is dedicated to enhancing the life experience and wellness of every person, including critical caregiving personnel.

Global Tipping Point  CCS provides answers to many of the dilemmas inherent in LTSS and ultimately, to aspects of the even more pressing entitlements issues soon to become glaring, and potentially devastating, both socially and fiscally.

Healthcare Meltdown  Intensifying economic crises add enormous pressure to the continued meltdown of healthcare, and particularly long-term care, that has already caused serious consequences, and now threatens to further undermine our care-delivery infrastructure.

Unsustainable Systems The current 18+% of GDP spent on healthcare in the US is expected to steadily rise, as is true worldwide. Unsustainable healthcare costs continue to balloon even in countries with socialized medicine such as Canada and members of the EU.

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Care-Cost-Community  CHN/CCS also intends to implement its "Intergenerational Neighborhood Outreach" protocols in local municipalities as well as in LTC settings. These "It Takes a Village" programs are important to the ambitious goals of improved care and lifestyle to individuals and to a fully-funded and community-supported system of care that will significantly impact federal, state and local payors.

  1. CCS Business Model  CCS offers a comprehensive business model of multi-tiered programs, services and revenue streams that will transcend the limitations of the current structures and create new delivery systems for LTC providers and their clients.

    Comprehensive / Replicable  This model provides optimal care delivery and living environments to elder and challenged individuals through codified and easily replicated systems that correct many common problems, including unsustainable labor costs, fluctuating census counts, and other critical monetary, regulatory, and staffing issues.

  2. Wellness & Lifestyle  Conscious Care Systems incorporates an umbrella of programs, services, and philosophies with specific protocols referred to as CCS Wellness and Lifestyle programs. Every person's determined preference and capacity will become part of his/her daily routine as documented in goal plans, and caregivers will generally be very pleased to support these flexible, personalized and tailored schedules, and their residents' participation in and experience of such.
  3. Maximize Resources  Conscious Care Systems will maximize the use of current resources to help fix a broken LTC system, while ensuring profitability and sustainability going forward. CCS has designed a codified, commercially economic, and highly scalable system intended to result in substantial savings to government and private payors, even in the short term, while assuring highest quality care and lifestyles to facility and home-based clients.

The Future of Long-Term Care

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Marie Eisele (President and Chairman) is an energetic advocate and reformer in the long-term care industry and the guiding force behind CCS. Devoted to transforming the Western paradigm of aging and care delivery, Ms. Eisele founded Conscious Care Systems to be an instrument of change. As a consultant in LTC and In-Home health markets, Marie has implemented and refined her program models in varied settings, tailoring protocols to the needs and abilities of individuals at all levels; while improving cultural and logistical components of human resource management. Ms. Eisele maintains the conviction that long-term care may be vastly improved and her soon to be published book, "Conscious Care Systems: Long Term Care as it Must Be" offers a compelling vision of life enrichment and conscious care for all.